I believe that life is a gift, that we were meant to live vitally, fully and pain-free well into our advancing years, and I also believe that the well-lived life is one that is lived intentionally. But to live life well, one must be well. It all starts there, and if you aren’t thriving physically, it’s pretty hard to thrive in any other aspect of your being.
So I’m on a mission to help people like me, who’ve perhaps had a sub-optimal experience overall in their first 30, 40 or 50 years on this planet, to understand and truly believe that they are not only entitled to feel joy, energy and eager anticipation of each day - but that it’s their birthright. First, by showing them how to get their physical house in order, and then by helping them figure out what they want that second half of their life to look like - and strategize how to go get it!

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Liz Powell CPA, CGA, CPHC

Diagnosed at age 7 with Celiac Disease, Liz has had a lifelong interest in the relationship between food and overall health. She is a Certified Primal Health Coach, and an advocate of the Ancestral approach to diet and lifestyle (encompassing Paleo, LCHF, Primal and Keto).

Liz has been a credentialled professional accountant since 1999, and has spent over 20 years  in the charity and non-profit sectors, distilling complex financial information into understandable terms for people who hate numbers. Her ability to make technical concepts accessible to those without specialized training makes her a particularly effective Coach.

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