Stop Limiting Yourself

Do you know what you are truly capable of?

I'm guessing the answer to that question is a resounding NO.

How can I say this with so much confidence?


Yesterday, I walked 65 kilometers (a little more than 40 miles), almost all of it within a span of 12 hours. 

Understandably, I'm rather exhausted from this activity, so I'm going to keep this blog post relatively short. But that doesn't mean it won't be impactful - or at least, I hope so.

You see, if anyone had told me, even a week or two ago, that I would achieve that distance in the race for which I'd been training since the early summer, I would have laughed hysterically at them. 

My goal was to walk 50 kilometers. I didn't care how long it took - the race course was open for 24 hours, so I literally could have shuffled my way to the end. 

But a funny thing happened... I reached my goal, and realized I still felt fine. I decided to keep going, to see how far I could push my limits.

And ended up adding another...

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