The Importance of Managing Your Mind

You might wonder what this topic has to do with health coaching. The answer might surprise you - because health coaching is about a lot more than what you put in your mouth and how much you exercise. 

Right now, the issue that is top of mind for most people isn't "How can I lose that last 10 pounds?", or "How can I get in the best shape of my life this year?". Nor is it even "How can I get my triglyceride levels low enough that my doctor doesn't insist I start taking a statin drug?".

No, the issue on most people's minds right now is more like "Will there still be toilet paper on the shelf when I get to the store?" and "What happens if my medications run out and I can't get to the pharmacy for a refill?"

It's interesting how societal behaviour patterns can change, almost overnight. People who, just a few weeks ago, might have paid lip service to the idea of minimalism (which I will define here as owning 'just enough' to meet one's daily needs), have suddenly turned into hoarders,...

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18 Ways to Stay Sane When the World is Going Crazy

stress management Mar 16, 2020

This isn't the way I planned to launch this blog, but I feel called to put out something that will help people weather the storm through which we're currently navigating.

There is a lot of tension, worry, fear and anxiety out there right now. It's world-wide, and I doubt very many of us are immune to it at this point. It seems to have come upon us very suddenly, and that has created panic in some quarters. 

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that panic isn't helpful, and is in fact counter-productive. So, how does one stay centered and sane when the whole world around us is going nuts?

The key here is stress reduction. 

Stress is that point where physiology and psychology meet up and intertwine. I'm not a psychologist, and I don't play one on TV. Nor am I a doctor or a scientist. So I'm not going to share specific recommendations here in dealing with this virus. There are official websites and outlets for all of that, and I encourage you to monitor those as...

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