What's Your Excuse?

mindset sleep Aug 10, 2020
Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash

It’s past my bedtime, on a Sunday night, and I'm just now sitting down to write.

This happens rather too often these days, and it got me to thinking about the excuses we make for our behaviour.

I’m sure you can relate: there are things you know you SHOULD do (like getting to bed at a “reasonable” hour, avoiding sugary foods, tackling that household repair job that’s needed doing for weeks…) but there’s always a good excuse. 

“I don’t have enough time to get everything done by 8 pm, so I have to stay up to finish _________.”

“Mom baked those cookies especially for me, so it would have hurt her feelings if I’d declined when she offered them to me." 

“The job will take at least 2 hours; I haven’t been able to find a two-hour stretch to complete it, and I don’t want to start and then leave things in a mess.” 

You may be thinking, these are...

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