Declutter Your Brain

minimalism productivity Oct 05, 2020

Do you find yourself constantly worrying that you’ll forget something important?

Or perhaps you’ve started to shut down mentally, because you just can’t keep up with everything on your proverbial plate?

We humans (and especially we women!) have a tendency to bite off more than we can chew. We underestimate how long things will take, and overestimate the number of tasks we can reasonably squeeze into a day.

We also tend to skew the importance of the various items on our lists, particularly when we keep them in our head – magnifying some, downplaying others.

These two tendencies are traps that can make our life far more difficult and uncomfortable than it needs to be. They often lead to overwhelm, shame, and even numbing behaviour as we try to avoid the discomfort of knowing we fell short of our goals.

Our brains are incredible machines of creativity, but they weren’t designed to function as task management systems. Our short-term memory capacity is quite...

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