How to Finish the Year with No (Financial) Regrets

coaching money mindset Nov 30, 2020

'Tis the season for spending.

It's easy to get swept up in all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday excitement, and spend money you might later regret spending.

We've all done it - but that's cold comfort when you're staring at your credit card bill in January. 

Here's a bit of advice from someone who's been there, learned a valuable lesson and mended her ways. 

I hope you'll take it to heart.


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How to Avoid Getting Sucked Into the Black Friday Black Hole

coaching money mindset Nov 23, 2020

Black Friday.

It’s a great day for retailers – it marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season, and theoretically the day their bottom line turns from red (representing a net loss) to black (representing a profit). Yes, it’s true – most retail businesses only break even and begin to turn a profit in the last two months of the year. They depend on consumers to go on a spending frenzy in those last 34 or so days in order to balance their books.

Their advertising will try to convince you that it’s also a great day for you, the consumer, with sales galore and deals unparalleled at any other time of the year. But the truth is, for many people, it’s quite the opposite. Black Friday brings out the worst in many of us, both in terms of our social behaviour and our spending habits. (And for the purpose of this discussion, I’m including Cyber Monday as well).

At this time of year, we are bombarded with flyers, radio and television ads, not to...

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How to Stop Shopping on Impulse

coaching money mindset Nov 16, 2020

“I need that!”

How often have you found yourself saying this, or some variation of it, when you see some gadget, appliance or toy for the first time, whether it be in your neighbour’s kitchen, on TV or on social media?

But we don’t really mean that we need that item. What we mean is that we want it. Sometimes we are willing to admit this, and we’re using the expression in a joking way. But sometimes, we end up convincing ourselves that it is an essential purchase.

I decided a couple of years ago that I wanted to start drinking celery juice every day, for health reasons (I know – don’t ask). I quickly discovered that making celery juice with a regular blender is a major pain. Suddenly, I needed a juicer. Guess what? That appliance has been sitting on a shelf for the past year, unused, and I’m now looking to sell it. (If you know anyone who’s looking for one, let me know!).

How does this sort of thing happen? Well, I have a couple...

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