How to Learn to Trust Yourself

It's a piece of time-honoured wisdom, and there are many ways to express it.

Trust your gut.

Follow your nose.

Listen to your heart.

You know that your instincts are a critically important guidance system when you are making any significant decision, such as:

  • whether to change jobs (or careers);
  • what to do about a difficult relationship;
  • how to deal with financial stress. 

But, how often do you actually pay attention to those instincts? 

Do you sometimes second-guess yourself about what to do when something doesn't feel right? Do you often end up following the advice of family or friends, rather than taking the action to which you are personally drawn?

The facts of a situation can themselves make decisions seem complex and overwhelming. And we also have an unfortunate tendency to add to the confusion, by imposing layers of our own hang-ups: self-doubt, insecurity, fear, shame, guilt, worrying about other people's opinions, and so on. These layers make...

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What Gord Downie Taught Us About Life

If you knew you only had a few months to live, what would you change about your life in the time you had left?

It’s a question often posed by life coaches to get a client to root out their deepest desires, goals and dreams, as well as the fears and reservations that are currently holding them back.

For Gord Downie, the frontman, lead singer and lyricist for The Tragically Hip (a Canadian rock band whose music was the soundtrack of a generation in this country), the answer to the question, it seems, was “I wouldn’t change a thing”. Gord was a man who lived his values, who knew his path and never wavered from it. He left us 3 years ago, on October 17, 2017.

After his diagnosis of a glioblastoma (brain cancer) in December 2015, Gord continued to write and record music. He went back into the studio, recording enough material to produce two solo albums before his death, as well as a number of tracks recorded with the band, which have yet to be released.


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Tempus Fugit

There's a well-known productivity hack that you may be familiar with - adding on 15 or 30 minutes extra when you are blocking out time in your calendar, whether it be for a meeting, or for focused work on a project.

I use this technique often. Sometimes, I finish on time, and on rare occasions I'm a bit early, but more often than not, I need all of those extra minutes, and I'm glad I built in the cushion.

Why is this hack so necessary, and why does it work so well for so many of us? It's simple...we humans are generally very bad at judging the amount of time a task will take. 

You probably know this to be true in your own life. You think you've allowed plenty of time to get ready for work, and then find yourself running to catch the bus. You tell yourself you'll just spend 10 minutes checking Facebook, and the next thing you know, an hour has passed. You decide to Marie Kondo the garage on a Saturday morning, but 8 hours later, you've got crap strewn all over the...

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