Unlearning What Our Parents Taught Us

growth mindset Jul 19, 2020

I had a rough week.

Not because of anything anyone said or did to me; and not because of anything that happened to me.

It was entirely because of the way I reacted to something that happened.

I submitted a document I’d created to my coach, for a critique, looking for advice and suggestions on how to improve it. But I had a preconceived idea in my head of the type of feedback I expected to receive (aesthetic improvements I could make to the document), and when the suggestions didn’t fit those parameters, I took it personally.

The feedback was mostly about the substance of the content itself, and that shook my self-confidence to its core. I put my own spin, my own interpretation, on the suggestions I was being given, and instead of viewing it as positive information I could use to make improvements, I let myself believe it meant I had done a lousy job.

I had failed.

I was a failure.

I might as well just give up.

Do you see how that escalated? And it all happened within a...

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