When Is It OK to Take Sides?

ethics politics Nov 09, 2020

They say it’s best to avoid talking about religion or politics – especially politics, these days.

People in the public eye, such as actors, musicians and other “celebrities” are told to “stay in your lane”, and that they have no business voicing their opinion in the political arena – as if their choice of occupation negates their right to exercise the same democratic freedoms the rest of us enjoy.

Individual business owners and corporations are advised by experts not to make their political positions known, in order not to alienate a segment of their audience.

Isn’t that good advice? Well… yes and no.

It’s one thing to avoid taking sides regarding political philosophies; I agree that that is rarely a good idea for someone running a business, unless it’s a deliberate choice and part of your “brand”. But there is a difference between a political leaning, and a moral position. And, if you’ll pardon the...

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