The Different Ways We Crave Connection

mindset Jun 08, 2020

Introverts and Extroverts are coping in very different ways (and to very different degrees) with our forced semi-isolation due to COVID-19.

It's probably fair to say the Introverts are having a much easier ride than the Extroverts.

In today's VLOG, I share my thoughts on why that might be, and how we can help each other to get through this time on a more even keel.

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Being Authentic When It's Uncomfortable

mindset Jun 01, 2020

It can be frightening or disconcerting to speak out on a controversial topic, or in a situation where you've never let your true opinions be known previously.

But sometimes speaking out is not only the right thing to do, but also the path to inner peace.

If we believe one way, but let others think we feel differently (or even that we don't have an opinion one way or the other), we will always have to deal with a certain degree of inner turmoil.

Let your authentic voice be heard - be congruent with your beliefs and values.

Your life will be so much better for it.

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A New Direction...

Uncategorized May 25, 2020

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I want to serve in this world.

Times of crisis like the one we're experiencing right now tend to lead us towards introspection and examining our priorities.

Although the health sphere is still very important to me, I've come to realize that I can have a greater impact, and help more people, in the financial arena. 

Join me on my walk on this sunny Sunday, to learn more about why I'm making this pivot, and what it all means.

Peace and love,

Liz xo

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How "Real" is Your Social Media Identity?

Uncategorized May 18, 2020

Who are you when you're on Facebook?

Would your Instagram followers recognize you if they came upon you in the street?

We tend to want to create an "image" with our social media posts, and that can be exhausting after awhile.

In this week's vlog, I explore the question of identity as it applies to our social platform posts.

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Why it's so hard to change

habits mindset May 11, 2020

Some aspects of eliminating bad habits or acquiring good ones are fairly self-explanatory.

But when you're having trouble breaking through, what can you do?

In today's VLOG, I share a key ingredient many people forget, and a few tips on how to cultivate that 'secret sauce' for effective habit change. 


Here's the link I promised in the video for the app I use for my daily affirmations. I'm not affiliated in any way with this company; I just like the product. Enjoy!

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Who Are You?

mindset May 04, 2020

Have you ever taken the time to really ponder your identity?

Many of us equate our selves with the roles we play - whether it be as a parent, a worker, or a student. 

But what we do is not actually who we are.

And it's a dangerous linkage to make, because if we lose that primary role (as many people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic), then we lose our sense of identity. This can have all kinds of repercussions, not least of which is that our motivation for the day, and our self-esteem, will suffer.

So, if you are not your job, then who are you? And if you're not sure, how do you figure that out? 

That's the topic of today's vlog. I hope it speaks to you.


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Hoping for a Kinder Society

mindset Apr 27, 2020

What kind of world will we be going back to when this pandemic crisis has passed?

Our current circumstances have brought a few things into sharp focus.

The many unsung heroes who keep our economy moving and enable us to live in safety and comfort.

The extent to which we all rely on each other, and how inter-connected our world really is.

The many small acts of kindness that people are starting to engage in, touching people's lives in ways they couldn't have even imagined just a few months ago.

Will we remember these lessons? Will we work towards a kinder, gentler society?

In today's vlog, I share some thoughts on what I hope that "new world order" will look like, and I'm issuing you a challenge to help make that a reality.

Until next week, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay warm.

Liz xo

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When Kindness Hurts

mindset Apr 20, 2020

Sometimes, doing the right thing isn't pleasant. How do we judge whether or not to take an action that we believe will be beneficial for someone else? And how do we deal with our feelings when that action is difficult to take and has painful repercussions?

In today's vlog, I tackle these difficult questions - specificially within the context of our current reality of 'physical distancing'.

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Are you being kind to yourself?

mindset self-care Apr 13, 2020

It's never been more important to take good care of yourself, both physically and emotionally. 

Self-care is not a luxury, and it's not optional. It's essential to getting through these often difficult days with grace and strength, and it's vital to our ability to serve others when and where we are most needed.

Today I'm sharing my best advice on how to be kind to yourself.

Free Resource: Brendon Burchard's Release Meditation Technique

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Developing a Kindness Practice

mindset Apr 06, 2020

Starting your day by thinking about a kindness you can do for another person, and then carrying it out, can lift your spirits and improve your mental health. Here are my thoughts on why that's particularly important right now.

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